Sun-dried raisins are an excellent source of natural sugars. They can be a good source of energy during endurance type exercise. Twelve 12- to 14-year old boys and girls played two regular soccer games on two different days. During the break the players were randomized to take either two servings (3 oz, or 84 g) of sun-dried raisins with a glass of water, or just water. During the second game the players switched treatments, so that each subject was tested with and without sun-dried raisins. The players’ blood sugar was measured at the beginning and within one minute after the end of the game.

The comparison of blood sugar levels between the two treatments showed that consumption of sun-dried raisins resulted in significantly higher blood sugar levels at the end of the game compared to when only water was consumed. Therefore, the sun-dried raisin snack maintained higher blood sugar levels to support the constant demand for fast energy required during the soccer match.

Sun-dried raisins are an effective, practical way to maintain blood sugar levels and support the demand of energy during sports activities in young players.

Spiller GA, Bruce B and Butterfield G. Sun-dried raisins as an energy source in adolescents during soccer. Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Nutrition, Montreal, Canada, July-August 1997.